Sustainably grown homemade jams & sauces

Established in 2016, VegCø is the fiery new addition to the local scene! As proud farmers, we constantly look for new and exciting ways to get our locally grown produce into the hands of local farm shops and restaurants.


Our greenhouse is a little different to most stereotypical ‘greenhouses’. Our custom built, controlled conditioned shed pumps out the ideal environment for growing the wide range of tomatoes and chillies that we have!

Now let’s take a look into the greenhouse. We have a range of over 15 varieties of both tomatoes and chillies! All ranging in colour, shape, size and flavour! We pride our- selves on our range of chillies. We have everything from a basic Pepper to the hottest natural chilli in the world!

BBQ Sauce

Sizzling BBQ Sauce

Berry Christmas

Sweet Berry Jam

Sweet Chilli Jam

Spicy & Sweet Chilli Jam

Mango Tango

Hot & Fruity Mango Sauce